Polarisizing sun protection lenses


Polarizing sun protection lenses Contrast enhancement and glare protection Polarising sunglasses offer even better protection than regular sunglasses. Thanks to a special filter that is (invisibly) integrated into the glass, polarising lenses reduce irritating reflections, for example those that occur due to a low-lying sun, rain-soaked roads or bodies of water. NuPolar® Polarizing [...]

Sun protection

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SUN PROTECTION LENSES Perfect protection for your eyes Sunglasses are not just a trendy fashion accessory, they also have a much more important function: they protect our sensitive eyes from dangerous UV rays. UV radiation is an invisible component of sunlight. UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation, all of which are dangerous for [...]

Trivex – sportslenses

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Trivex®-Material Stable material resistant to breakage specially developed for sports and children’s spectacles This exceptional material combines light weight with toughness and a high level of visual comfort. Trivex® opens up a whole new dimension in the use of plastics for spectacle lenses. Trivex® was originally developed for the American military. It has [...]