Project Description


Stable material resistant to breakage specially developed for sports and children’s spectacles

This exceptional material combines light weight with toughness and a high level of visual comfort.

Trivex® opens up a whole new dimension in the use of plastics for spectacle lenses. Trivex® was originally developed for the American military. It has been used in the optical industry since 2001. Trivex®, which is astonishingly light in weight, is also exceptionally stable and resistant to breakage.

Trivex® is available in various alternatives…

Contrast-enhancing – TRI Uni

The tinting used in a Trivex® spectacle lens filters out light in specific wavelengths. This results in optimal colour perception, an increase in contrast and visual comfort under different light conditions.

Protection from glare – TRI NuPolar

Glare is caused by reflections on shiny, reflective surfaces, such as roads, water or snow. Polarising Trivex® spectacle lenses improve visual perception by means of filtering out specific light waves.

Brightness control – TRI Varia

Photochromic Trivex® spectacle lenses adapt to light conditions in order to offer the wearer optimal vision and the best possible visual comfort at all times.


Optimal protection for active spectacle wearers

Trivex® withstands the impact test of the “American National Standards Institute” (ANSI). This test has set the standard for the impact resistance of spectacle lenses (high-velocity impact test). In it, a steel ball with a diameter of 7 mm is fired at a fixed lens at a speed of 165 km/h [102.5 mph]. If a spectacle lens can withstand this test, it receives the ANSI certificate.

Trivex® is also resistant to chemicals and protects against harmful UV radiation.