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Perfect protection for your eyes

Sunglasses are not just a trendy fashion accessory, they also have a much more important function: they protect our sensitive eyes from dangerous UV rays. UV radiation is an invisible component of sunlight.

UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation, all of which are dangerous for the eyes, are not only present in bright sunshine, but also when the sky is cloudy. Around 50% of UV rays can reach the earth’s surface. The cornea and eye lens filter out approximately 90% of UV radiation and are therefore the human body’s natural UV filter.

Nevertheless, it still pays to have adequate protection from sunlight. The remaining radiation can facilitate damage to the anterior segment of the eye. Invisible UV-C rays penetrate the cornea and conjuctiva, whereas UV-A and UV-B rays can penetrate as far as the eye lens. The permeability of the individual parts of the eye depends on age. Children’s eyes have larger pupils and clearer lenses. Important pigment inclusions in the iris, which protect the posterior segment of the eye from UV rays, are not yet present. Therefore, children above all require good protection from sunlight for their eyes. Later in life, when they are adults, their eye lenses change and absorb more UV rays.

Were you aware of the fact that, apart from normal sunglasses, you can also get wraparound designs with your individual prescription from your optician? It is also possible to have special sports sunglasses made according to your individual prescription. Ask your optician.



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