Project Description

Polarizing sun protection lenses

Contrast enhancement and glare protection

Polarising sunglasses offer even better protection than regular sunglasses. Thanks to a special filter that is (invisibly) integrated into the glass, polarising lenses reduce irritating reflections, for example those that occur due to a low-lying sun, rain-soaked roads or bodies of water.

NuPolar® Polarizing lenses are clearly superior to other sun protection lenses, because the glare and UV protection eliminates irritating reflections. With NuPolar®, your vision is extremely sharp, contrasts are clear and colours brilliant. This increases your security when driving in traffic.

These lenses are ideal for activities on the water, on snow or when driving. Polarising sunglasses ensure very crisp vision with clear contrasts and brilliant colours. We produce them as single-strength or progressive lenses with your desired prescription.

NuPolar® is a polarizing sun protection lens developed by Younger Optics USA. It is made of plastic and has a 1.5 index. The innovative technology from Younger Optics makes it possible to combine the polarization filter with 100% UV protection and to position it into the front face of the lens by using an intricate in-mold casting process. This makes it possible to substantially reduce the centre thickness and to prevent the lens from splitting at the filter position.

NuPolar lenses are available in Index 1.5 and 1.6. This means that perfect sun and glare protection is possible even with thinner and lighter materials.

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NuPolar®: Advantages

  • Optimal protection against glare and irritating reflections
  • Extremely sharp vision, brilliant colours
  • Increased security while driving or participating in athletic activities
  • Perect depth perception and relaxed, comfortable vision
  • Show your customers the polarizing effect by using the Nupolar Demonstrator

Ask an optician to demonstrate the polarizing effect. You’ll be amazed!