CleanVision Clean. Clear. Perfect. High-quality integral broadband anti-reflective coating with index-adapted hard sealing, super anti-reflective coating with water- and dirt-repellent Aqua coating for maximum transparency. easiest to clean water-repellent oil-resistant dust-resistant vision is always perfect

Super Hi-Vision

Super Hi-Vision Super scratch resistant – super easy to clean – super anti reflective The Super Hi-Vision coating establishes new standards in terms of durability and visual and wearing comfort. The lens surface resists dirt and oil, making it especially easy to clean. This new technology improves the structure and strength of the [...]

Hi-Vision LongLife coating

Hi-Vision LongLife The most durable and reliable anti-reflection coating Hi-Vision LongLife lives up to its name in terms of durability and reliability. Independent tests have proven that even after long term use and intensive cleaning, Hi-Vision LongLife keeps its excellent water, dirt and dust repellent properties, whilst guaranteeing maximum lens transparency and optimal [...]



BlueControl Protection against blue light from digital computer screens BlueControl is an innovative coating which reflects part of the blue light that is radiated from digital computer screens, meaning less of the blue light enters the eye. This prevents eyestrain and related tiredness. The advantages: Seeing with less eyestrain Sharper contrast Reduced glare [...]