Phototropic Lenses

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PHOTOTROPIC LENSES Adjusting to changing light conditions Phototropic spectacle lenses detect changing light conditions and react to them. Just as with polarising spectacle lenses, phototropic spectacle lenses have a special (invisible) layer integrated into the lens, the molecules of which react to different light conditions. When the spectacle lenses are exposed to a lot of [...]



BlueControl Protection against blue light from digital computer screens BlueControl is an innovative coating which reflects part of the blue light that is radiated from digital computer screens, meaning less of the blue light enters the eye. This prevents eyestrain and related tiredness. The advantages: Seeing with less eyestrain Sharper contrast Reduced glare [...]

Nulux Active


Are you looking for relaxed vision? With Nulux Active – this is possible Nulux Active was developed in order to gently support eye activity. It has an aspheric design that has redefined single vision lenses. It supports the eyes during accommodation, faciliates adjustments to different distances and prevents fatigue. Nulux Active is a [...]