Samuel Schaub

Executive director

Samuel Schaub has been the new Executive Director of Hoya Lens Switzerland AG since February 2020. This father of three made a name for himself during his previous, long-standing position of Sales Manager at Essilor Switzerland. He is now looking forward with excitement to the challenge of the new direction of Hoya in Switzerland.

Samuel Schaub: My vision is that we will be able to combine Japanese quality and precision with the ‘Swiss touch’. We are a relatively small team, supporting our customers with lots of blood, sweat and tears, as well as commitment. At the same time, we are able to take advantage of the global power and professionalism offered by an international group of companies. This combination of these two elements results in fantastic potential – both for our customers and our workforce.

Hoya Lens Switzerland must be attractive and innovative, but always with a human touch. I look forward to working together with my team to achieve these aims.”