We are synonymous with quality and sustainability

Quality, know-how and excellent “Made in Switzerland” service have made Hoya Lens Switzerland  AG one of the leading and best-known Swiss manufacturers of eyeglass lenses. The company has been shaped by its 100 years of passion and experience in the production of high-quality eyeglass lenses.

Our every action is focussed on maximum precision and quality. Our production facilities are equipped with the most state-of-the-art technologies. Our name stands for quality of service, trust and reliability. Our focus is on local and sustainable production, since sustainable thinking and action is part of our basic approach and mentality. Alongside energy and resource efficiency, people are the most important thing to us, and fairness and social justice in our daily dealings with one another are two topics that are close to our hearts.

Our eyeglass lenses are prime examples of Swiss quality, and they are a true representation of our philosophy.

The management of Hoya Lens Switzerland AG

Stein am Rhein, 2015


Committed to our environment

Our annual reports

An overview of our company

We want to create transparency. Have a look through our annual report (in German) to see the company’s most recent figures and find out how our high quality prescription lenses are produced.



92% of the energy we consume comes from renewable sources.


Water consumption

Our total annual water consumption equals that of 38 people.



Climate neutral
Our production has been climate neutral since 2006.




Knecht & Müller’s awards and memberships


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Knecht & Müller AG’s lens portfolio