Progressive lenses

Excellent vision in all distances

As the elasticity of the eye lens declines with age, from about 40 years most people need some help to improve their close-range vision. Progressive addition lenses can solve this problem. These spectacle lenses make possible a number of correction zones in the close, middle and distant ranges in a single pair of glasses and therefore enable excellent vision at all distances. This dispenses with the tedious task of having to keep changing your spectacles and visual comfort is improved.

When people look at wearers of progressive addition lenses, they cannot tell that they need additional assistance for mid-range and close-range sight. This is different to bifocal lenses, for example, where there is a visible line separating the close and distant ranges. The different lens strengths merge smoothly into one another from distant to middle to close range, avoiding any unpleasant abrupt transitions.

In addition, progressive addition lenses can be manufactured to suit the individual, by virtue of the fact that measured values and specifications relating to a single person can be utilised in the spectacle lens calculation. In this way, the spectacle wearer receives a tailor-made product that is optimised to his or her individual lifestyle habits. Progressive addition lenses permit stress-free vision at all distances and without the tiresome job of taking off and putting on different pairs of spectacles.

Progressive lenses – clear vision in all distances


Newest Design technology

Extensive research for new developments

In recent years, extensive research has further optimized progressive  lenses. The newest developments focus on increasing the stability and size of the visual field in all directions. The design is based on how people actually see through the lens and thus enables the simulation of natural sight.

This is possible, because the spectacle wearer’s individual specifications become part of the manufacturing process. Therefore such background information as hobbies, profession, interpupillary distance, bending of the spectacle frame and head tilting angle, for instance, can all contribute to manufacturing lenses that are even more individual.

You can also count on crisp, clear vision when wearing modern progressive lenses from our company, regardless of the necessary correction. Just see for yourself.