Project Description


Lenses for the workplace specially developed for close work

Indoor lenses are specially designed for close and middle-distance work. All jobs necessitating good vision in a compact environment can be made easier by spectacle lenses specially designed for the required working distance.

These lenses are particularly suitable for office work, but can also be very helpful when playing music, cooking or drawing. Thanks to the extra-wide field of view in the close and middle distance, the spectacle wearer has a better viewing zone than if using progressive lenses, for example.

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+

The individual premium close-range progressive lens from Hoya. It is ideal for all work in the near and middle distance and custom-made for specific working and wearing conditions. The various designs offer optimal depth of vision and the widest possible field of view in the near and intermediate range. New, unique technology means that the vision of both eyes is harmonised and perfect binocular performance is provided.

Hoyalux Tact

Perfect for office work. The progressive design offers a large, distortion-free, reading and intermediate segment. In addition, even distant objects can still be seen clearly.


The right choice if you work at a computer. This lens is equipped with an extra-large segment, so both the screen and keyboard are always sharp. It also features an extremely flexible depth of field segment.


The perfect aid for stress-free reading with good depth of field.